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Love This Place is the ally for forward thinking leaders of frontline public services who are deeply committed to transforming stressful, draining work environments into places that genuinely do and feel good.


Life feels harder than it needs to be for people all over the UK.

We want to make it easier.

Love this Place is a non-profit, fuelled by a single ambition: creating a braver, safer, and more loving UK, for everyone.

Our Approach

At Love This Place, we make places that feel better for everyone. Our programme is deeply rooted in the soul-nourishing effects of belonging. We challenge the prevailing culture that often overlooks our inherent human need for community. Our approach fosters both personal and organisational growth, revolutionising the frontline from the inside out. We integrate personal development into the daily routine, making growth part and parcel of the workday. Our unique methodology turns workplaces into vibrant hubs of connection, creativity, and high performance.

We aim not only to enhance individual productivity, but also to cultivate a joyful, thriving community that inspires collective success.

Our Guarantee

Transforming a system is no easy task.

We’ll provide free, tailored coaching to those organisations that complete our programme but struggle to realise its rewards.

We stand by our commitment to your growth.

Our Founder

John-Paul Wares, the visionary behind Love This Place, has a rich history of leadership in the public and social sectors. His considerable contributions within some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities include writing legislation, establishing services, and advising governments. After a transformative period as a stay-at-home dad, John-Paul came to understand the profound power of care, love, and connection. He combined this personal insight with his extensive professional experience and academic expertise in social psychology, behavioural design, and Positive Intelligence to found Love This Place. This unique journey reinforced his belief in the importance of bringing people together in ways that nourish the soul—a value at the heart of his work.

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Love this Place, by The Big and the Small CIC, is a non-profit fuelled by a single ambition: creating a braver, safer, and more loving UK, for everyone.

The Big and the Small CIC (trading as Love this Place) is a registered Community Interest Company limited by guarantee without share capital. Company Number: 13909223 Registered address: The Big and the Small, Union House, 111 New Union Street, Coventry, England, CV1 2NT